• Social media marketing can be a bit of a minefield and there is no formula or obvious step-by-step guide to success, rather it depends on a combination of factors coming together in the right place at the right time. Your product, your voice, the variety of content that you put out, and of course, how big your advertising budget is, all have a big impact on your following and subsequent success.


But there are some brands out there that are really killing it with their social media game and as a result, have experienced high levels of growth. These guys are not just creating awesome content; they are creating experiences that truly captivate their audiences. Here are some of our favourites so you can get inspired!


One of the biggest fashion sites in the world, ASOS utilises a user-generated content strategy that not only encourages engagement but makes it easier for fans to show their appreciation of the brand. By getting users to tag their ASOS looks like #AsSeenOnMe, users can get featured on the page whilst also promoting ASOS to their own followers.


Blenders Eyewear

Operating in the highly competitive field of fashion, Blenders Eyewear are a great example of how to make it big through social media alone. By utilising Facebook adds and Instagram influencer marketing, they built a huge brand with hundreds of thousands of followers. First of all, instead of going for the hard sell, they created Facebook adds that focussed on client reviews and clear images of the products, resulting in a high return on their advertising spend. Then on Instagram, they filled up their feed with images taken by influencers of them rocking the shades- a great and low-cost way to get free promotion as well as high-quality fashion images.



When it comes to choosing a new mobile phone case, there is a whole lot of selection out there. Local shops, specialist outlets, and of course an immeasurable number of online suppliers- for those wanting to make a dent in the market, there is some pretty stiff competition. Peel sell super thin and stylish phone cases with their main selling point being that they look good and do the job properly and social media is the optimum platform for promoting them. Through the use of Facebook video ads that tell a story to their carefully curated and super-stylish Instagram page, they have created a brand image that is beautiful and sleek, just like their products.


Wholesome Culture

Also operating in a very competitive field, Wholesome Culture are a fashion brand with a twist that are aimed at people who live a plant-based lifestyle and want to help the environment. Their strategy works by creating a range of pop culture memes and posts to drive engagement and then sandwiching them between posts that promote their products. They post information on food, memes about veganism, pop culture references and high quality images of their products to create a great all-rounder Instagram presence.