With the technological advancements on full speed in this century, IoT is making interaction in a giant network, as seamless as ever.  

To be precise, it’s not just about a group of “things” being connected. The ability to transfer data with no boundaries when it comes to human to human, or human to computer interaction – but what benefits does it actually bring? To problem-solving, to a business?

Here is how staying connected can improve workforce management in 3 ways.

A smart building increasing employee productivity

An environment that is responsive towards the needs of a team, can minimize distractions, and maximize how efficiently everyone works. Sensor-based applications can ensure a pleasurable and individualized experience. This can manifest in:

  • Intelligent lighting, humidity, and temperature systems.

It makes for a friendlier and productive ecosystem. Based on the settings, the applications can adjust according to the time of day, the outside temperature, etc.

  • Safety through facility security

Security cameras, smart locks, and many other sensors have become popular use cases for IoT in office spaces.  Now, it takes nothing more than a smartphone app to manage your workplace surveillance.

A better workflow 

  • Time management becomes easier.

All devices can be coordinated in regulating our daily routine, so in a way, they will know how to make time more efficient for us. Whether it’s through mobile payments or dedicated geo-location systems to help us quickly get from one place to another.

  • An automated workflow

The moment your team is freed up from repetitive or routine tasks, they can focus their energy towards overall goals and what they do best.

The ability to track the movement of items and people in real-time can trigger countless processes for your business, that make things run smoothly in each department.

More data that makes you rethink internal and external strategies.

Cisco estimates that by the end of 2019, the IoT will generate more than 500 zettabytes (a unit equal to one trillion gigabytes ) per year in data—and in the years beyond, that number is expected to grow exponentially, not linearly.

New data about your workforce productivity can help you optimize different spaces. Understanding how your people work from even basic utilization metrics can make measuring the overall efficiency of your departments easier.

IoT gateway

Tegeria are able to help you decide which IoT gateway best suits your needs, and we can help you design, deploy, and develop a full integration with your business or product needs.

Contact us on www.tegeria.com if you’re interested in a further connection.